Evatic Consumable and Meter Management

Evatic Consumable and Meter Management

Evatic Consumable and Meter Management (ECMM)

A fully automated consumable and meter management solution for managed print services (MPS) providers

Evatic M2M

Evatic understands the challenges currently facing companies that provide print services under contract. Demand for print is dropping, costs are rising, and profit margins are shrinking. But it’s not all doom and gloom. Paper isn’t dead or dying. Businesses still need printers and copiers, and a completely paper-free work environment does not exist.

Still, the printing industry is changing and MPS providers have to change with it. The key is finding out where they are losing money, and plugging the hole.

The most significant cost factor with service contracts is the inclusion of toner. This cost is very hard to predict and control. Another is the management of meter reading for invoicing purposes. For many MPS providers, this is a manual and time-consuming process for both the provider and the end customer.

Enter Evatic Consumable and Meter Management (ECMM), a full-scale machine to machine solution that makes MPS more profitable. A product of the Internet of Things, ECMM collects data directly from the end customer’s printer/copier —regardless of the brand — and feeds it straight back to the provider’s system. There, it fully automates invoicing and toner replacement processes to drive efficiency and productivity and eliminate lossmakers.



Evatic M2M - BenefitsNo more wasted toner

Wasted toner is the biggest cost for MPS providers. ECMM eradicates this cost by calculating the ideal time for cartridge replacement based on usage, triggering the order process automatically and ensuring just-in-time delivery..

Evatic M2M - BenefitsMore effective invoicing

ECMM does meter readings remotely through a fleet management system, automatically processing the data and generating invoices based on the terms and conditions of the contract.

Evatic M2M - BenefitsReduced administration time

By collecting and processing data directly and automatically, ECMM cuts out time-consuming administrative tasks and removes the possibility of human error.

Evatic M2M - BenefitsReduced shipment costs

ECMM will combine shipments when several toner cartridges are required for the same or multiple MFPs at the same location, making toner delivery processes much more efficient and cost-effective.

Evatic M2M - BenefitsMaximise your profitability

ECMM and Evatic BI Tool allow you to make ongoing profitability calculations by comparing costs and revenues per machine, customer and contract. This drives more strategic decisions about how to move your business forwards.

Evatic M2M - BenefitsSetup is a breeze

ECMM is quick, easy and painless to install and integrates seamlessly with Evatic Service. All you need to connect your devices is an internet connection.