Field Service Management Technology

Asolvi provides user-friendly field service management technology to companies looking to improve their profitability, grow with confidence, and compete in a fast-changing market.


Streamline engineer workflows, eliminate paperwork and guarantee compliance.


Engineers can do everything they need to do electronically, from checking parts availability to writing service reports. When they log in, all the information they need is at their fingertips: job specs, site details, service histories, stock information, even the location of other engineers should they need help. This saves them from having to source the information via phone calls and emails to various different places. Engineers can dedicate time saved on admin and information-gathering to billable work, increasing the number of jobs they get done in a day.

Eliminate Paperwork

Engineers are no longer required to fill in handwritten worksheets and post them to the office. Instead they can add, complete and send real-time service reports using their mobile devices, eliminating paper-based delays and postage costs. Photos and external documents can be added to reports to help the back office understand what work has been done. This can also act as proof of work and/or misuse in the event of a dispute. Field-based e-signature capture prevents engineers and/or back office staff from having to scan signed reports and email them to customers.

Improve Problem Management

Engineers can view the full call history of an asset through our mobile solutions. This enables them to identify reoccurring problems and recommend solutions that might be more appropriate than a simple fix.

Continue Working Offline

Engineers can continue working even if they lose internet connection; our systems will automatically update with their data as soon as they come back online.

Guarantee Compliance

Our solutions include service checklists to help engineers ensure that certain things that have to happen, do happen. This aids compliance. We also have facilities for their answers to be inputted automatically into a compliance certificate.

Capture Timings Exactly

When an engineer accepts a job, a travel time clock runs until the engineer arrives on site. When he does, a work time clock runs until the job is completed. This enables you to capture work and travel times exactly, improving accuracy for invoicing and reducing the likelihood of a dispute with the customer. Engineers can also add timesheets for non-work activities if they need to evidence their time to the office.


Centralise information on contracts and assets, eliminating duplicate data, monitoring renewals and improving profitability.

Centralise Your Data

Service contracts, asset lists and all associated service information are securely stored in one place. This prevents you from having to rely on paper, spreadsheets and point solutions and risk misfiling information or losing it down the back of a filing cabinet.

Eliminate Duplicate Data Entry

You only have to enter customer, contract and asset data once and the information is automatically fed through to the rest of the service chain.

Prevent Reoccurring Problems

Engineers have access to the full service history of an asset, including installs, breakdowns, repairs, replacements and preventative maintenances. This improves their ability to identify and prevent reoccurring problems by recommending long-term solutions rather than short-term fixes.

Power Other Service Actions

Full integration between our contracts & assets databases and all other service modules automates certain actions across the service chain. This includes the generation of preventative maintenances, response time alerts and job/contract costings, saving planners from having to refer constantly to paperwork and spreadsheets.

Find Information Quicker

With all your data in one place, anything you or your customers need to know about an asset, site or service contract is quickly and easily surfaced.

Always Know What To Invoice

Full visibility of what is and isn’t included in a service contract ensures all work is properly charged for.

Never Miss A Renewal Date

When a service contract is due to expire, an automated alert enables you to start the renewal process in plenty of time and avoid losing out on a year’s worth of revenue.

Generate New Contracts Easily

The system automatically generates ready-made service contracts using data collected by the sales team, saving you from having to input the data manually into a template.

Improve Profitability

Full visibility of which contracts, customers and machines are profitable and which are not enables you to make strategic decisions about your pricing.


Plan and schedule jobs faster and more effectively, reducing administration and improving response times.

Improve Response Times

Reactive calls are logged and queued according to contractual obligations and the urgency of the job. Automated alerts notify dispatchers if a response time is going to be missed so they can take action. Dispatchers and engineers can monitor and update job status in real time to ensure that response times are met. This helps comply with service-level agreements (SLAs), minimise machine downtime for customers and enhance your customer relationships.

Allocate Resources Easily And In Plenty Of Time

Preventative maintenance appointments are generated in advance and inputted into our live diary automatically based on contractual rules and asset data. This saves planners and dispatchers from having to refer to contracts and/or spreadsheets to find out when maintenance is due. It also gives them plenty of time to assign engineers, plan resources and agree the visits with customers.

Schedule Engineers Quickly And Intelligently

Instead of looking at spreadsheets, whiteboards and paper-based diaries, dispatchers receive an automated list of recommended engineers based on skill set, location, availability and other variables, along with automated alerts if there are clashes. We even offer 1-click scheduling where the system will automatically assign all jobs to the most appropriate engineers in one go, no manual manipulation required. These technologies can reduce scheduling time to next to nothing and save dispatchers a mountain of confusion as they try to work out what, who, when and where.

Always Know What’s Going On

Everybody in your organisation has full visibility of call statuses at all times. This allows you to keep customers informed on when an engineer is due to arrive, if a part is needed, when they can expect to receive an invoice, and whether additional work is required. Your team can see if a customer’s account is on hold or if an outstanding quote for additional works needs agreeing. They can also tell if something’s a repeat call or a warranty call, which may require different actions and billing processes.

Track Calls Easier

A wide choice of diary view parameters allows you to customise the system to your company’s requirements, making it easier to manage and track calls.

Avoid Unnecessary Admin And Data Entry

Seamless integration with our contract & asset management modules automatically retrieves machine data such as the serial number, contract entitlement, location and service history as soon as a call is logged. This reduces admin and saves dispatchers having to enter the data again.


Book new repairs efficiently, maintain asset integrity and maximise revenue.

Book In New Repair Jobs Quickly And Efficiently

Easy-to-use wizards enable you to enter new repair jobs individually or in batches, with our systems automatically checking details such as warranty and contract status. You can also use our workshop tools in conjunction with our job management and scheduling modules, i.e. log the job as a service call and move it to the workshop.

Maintain Asset Integrity More Easily

Full visibility of everything that happens during the repair cycle gives you more control over the integrity of your customers’ assets. When an item is sent for repair, its movements and status are fully tracked and monitored so that you always know what it is, where it is and whether it has been changed, upgraded or discarded. Assets and parts can move seamlessly between the field and the workshop.

Cut Out Manual Processes

In many systems, repairs are logged and managed using a job management and scheduling module. But these are not designed to do repairs, so changes, upgrades and advance replacements have to be entered manually. Our workshop management tools enable you to create customised repair workflows that automatically update the system with this data, eliminating manual processes and duplicate data entry.

Ship Repaired Assets More Flexibly

Once a job is complete, assets can be shipped individually or in batches. Most systems require that each asset is processed separately. Our software's ability to batch-ship saves time and hassle for customers by allowing them to receive all their items back simultaneously and reintegrate and/or redistribute them in one go.

Maximise Revenue

All parts and labour costs at all stages of the repair process are captured and fed through automatically to our invoicing software, so that everything is properly charged for.


Maintain control over parts, boost first-time fix rates, increase stock turnover and keep customers informed.

Boost First-Time Fix Rates

Unlimited stock locations, ultra-efficient parts tracking and full integration with the rest of your service chain empowers warehouse operators to get the right parts to the right engineer at the right time. This increases the likelihood of a first-time fix, saving on return visit costs and reducing downtime for customers.

Request Parts Quicker

In a few clicks an engineer can request a part remotely without the need for phone calls and/or emails to the warehouse.

Process Sales And Purchase Orders Fast, With Less Admin

Directories of preferred suppliers, standard prices for each part number and the sorting of parts into part kits, parts by product and alternative parts significantly reduces admin. It makes the process of buying and selling parts quicker and easier for warehouse operators.

Audit Stock More Effectively

Many stock control programs have only one stock location, creating a time lag whenever a part is used or moved. This makes it difficult to audit stock with any real accuracy. The capacity for unlimited stock locations with our parts management software enables you to monitor your stock wherever it may be — warehouses, vans, customer sites, even different bin locations within a warehouse. This eliminates time-consuming logistical problems when it comes to stocktaking.

Increase Profitability

Complete stock traceability across multiple locations and integration with our invoicing modules means that all parts are properly charged for, nothing gets missed and no parts go astray.

Keep Customers Informed

Real-time visibility of parts allows engineers and back office teams to keep customers informed on when parts are due to arrive and when work is likely to be completed.

Increase Stock Turnover And Cash Flow

Overstocking and obsolescence are reduced by automated vehicle stock valuations, full visibility of broken and slow-moving stock, and the capacity to rotate stock quickly. Van stock can be organised more effectively, increasing stock turnover and cash flow and maximising engineer productivity.


Reduce incoming calls while giving customers greater transparency and control over jobs.

Reduce Incoming Calls

Your customers can report faults and breakdowns and monitor outstanding jobs directly through their own self-service web portal. This saves them phoning your office for updates and allows you to concentrate on delivering excellent service instead of handling phone calls.

Give Your Customers More Control

Our self-service portals enable end-customers to access our automated scheduling functionality and book service visits without provider intervention. This means they can book visits at times convenient to them, giving them more control over their service provision and improving both service efficiency and customer satisfaction. Customers also have more control over their assets' integrity by being able to move assets between sites and add new site locations.

Save Time Scheduling And Agreeing Jobs

Customers booking their own service visits through our portals saves your back office teams from having to do it. Instead of spending time assigning engineers and contacting customers to agree visit dates and times, your teams are free to focus on other things.

Give Your Customers More Visibility

Customers have full visibility of job escalation in real time. They can see updates logged by the engineer as regards arrival times, job status, parts required and the need for a return visit. They can also run live reports based on data you give them and get a detailed insight into the service they receive. This aids and strengthens understanding, communication and transparency between you.

Win More Contracts

More and more customers are expecting to have a web portal through which they have full visibility of the service you are providing them. Offering a customer portal is becoming a prerequisite of winning service contracts.


Streamline billing processes, eliminate human error and get paid faster.

Avoid Relying On Paper

Finance teams no longer have to wait for stained and hard-to-read worksheets to come into the office by post. When an engineer completes a job, the data is automatically fed through to the back office, cutting out delays of several days — if not longer.

Eradicate Unnecessary Data Entry

Seamless integration with our parts, contracts and job management modules enables invoices to be automatically pre-loaded with data, saving finance teams from having to manually enter it.

Miss Nothing

Automated extraction of data from other parts of the service chain means that every opportunity for revenue is captured and nothing gets missed.

Eliminate Human Error

Service contract costings, ad hoc job costings and costings based on actual or estimated meter readings are automatically calculated and inputted, eliminating human error from the process.

Get Paid Faster

Accurate and complete invoices are achievable in 1 click. This empowers finance teams to make and send an invoice in minutes rather than days, accelerating your service-to-cash cycle and positively impacting your cash flow.

Interface With Your Own Finance System

Asolvi is a certified Sage Partner and our systems will interface directly with Sage accounting products. They can also be integrated with an array of other 3rd party accounting and finance systems. This enables job, customer and parts information to be exported seamlessly, preserving your existing processes.


Improve the quality and frequency of your reports to fuel better decisions and improved relationships with stakeholders.

Reduce Reporting Time From Days To Seconds

For many businesses, reporting is a laborious manual process and compiling the necessary data takes days. With Asolvi software you can extract, sort and display data about jobs, assets and parts used at the touch of a button.

Improve The Quality And Quantity Of Information

The availability of 200+ reports through our systems enables users and end-customers to become data-rich. This wealth of data is arranged and displayed in clear, sensible and digestible formats so that you and your customers can tackle problems and identify positive trends. This, in turn, empowers managers to make better decisions.

Plan And Control Operations More Efficiently

Reports on products, contracts, sites, costs per asset, repeat calls, first-time fix rates, parts used etc. provide detailed insights into which machines are the most problematic, which customers are the most profitable, which engineers are performing most effectively, and more. These insights make you better equipped to plan and control operations and manage resources allocated to them.

Automate Your Internal And External Communications

Reports are submitted automatically to internal and external stakeholders. This means managers, partners and customers get the information they need on a regular basis with zero effort. Customers can also run live reports in our self-service web portals.

Create Your Own Reports

Data can be exported into XML, CSV, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, PDFs etc where it is automatically sorted and displayed in the correct format. This enables you to produce customised reports without external help.


Improve your sales processes and customer relationships by harmonising your sales and service activities.

Make Your Sales Processes More Efficient

Streamline communication and cooperation among your sales team by logging all sales actions in one place. All salespeople have full access to the history of a sales enquiry or status of a quote and are able to take appropriate next steps without phoning or emailing colleagues for updates. This ensures that the process stays in motion and no time is wasted.

Harmonise Your Sales And Service Activities

When selling new equipment and service offerings to existing customers, sales teams need to know how much money those customers are already spending, and on what. Our sales management modules give salespeople instant access to equipment histories, service entitlements, purchased parts and service contract costs and profits without having to speak to the service team or pull the data from elsewhere. Complete visibility of all sales and service activities in the same system allows salespeople to be fully informed when pursuing a lead.

Manage Quotes More Easily

Creating and agreeing quotes for parts, service contracts and ad hoc works is a simpler, faster and more transparent process. The sales team have instant access to existing contracts, old quotes, price books and other sales activity data to help them generate a new quote. Quotes are quickly and easily inputted using simple prompts and can be tracked and evaluated at all stages between creation and acceptance/rejection. Salespeople can use actions, notes and to-do lists to help coordinate their sales activities.

Generate New Contracts In 1 Click

Once a quote is accepted, our quoting tools will automatically convert the data into a ready-made service contract. This eliminates the time-consuming task of manually generating and formatting new contracts.

Kick-Start Your Service Chain

When quotes for ad hoc jobs and new parts are accepted, the data is automatically fed through to our job and parts management modules. This kick-starts the service chain, allowing service visits to be scheduled, engineers to be assigned and parts to be shipped immediately.

Strengthen Customer Relationships

If a quote is rejected, the salesperson is prompted to give a reason. This information can be used by the sales team to manage customer expectations and strengthen relationships by pitching quotes at the right level.

Avoid The Need For A Separate CRM System

The ability to monitor all sales and service activities in the same system allows organisations to manage their customer relationships without the need for separate CRM software.