Service Management matters

In an increasingly service-oriented world, customers demand better, faster and smarter. Field service providers have to be all three.

They have to change, adapt and evolve by embracing new strategies and technologies to improve how they sell, install, monitor and maintain equipment.

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Evatic is a flexible and multi-functional Service Management System that serves every step in the business process – from offer to after-sale service.


Suitable for the field service industry at large, Tesseract will streamline your scheduling, stock and contract management, and help your engineers perform better in the field.


WinServ manages security and fire safety installations in a way no other system can. WinServ offers strong, flexible functionality preconfigured for the security industry.

We know service management

PLM Case testimonial

‘With Tesseract, there’s far less admin and data entry and we’ve managed to reduce the number of staff doing admin from seven to four. We have much better visibility of our engineers and their workloads, and can see what’s been completed and billed and what hasn’t without having to make a ton of phone calls. This lets us answer customer queries faster and easier because we’re able to see exactly what stage a job is at’

Tracey Hughes

Business Support Services Director for PLM

Field service success in 5 steps

Plan it

Our fully trained strategists and consultants will help you define your goals and form a plan to achieve them. They’ll recommend configurations to address flexibility, scalability and performance. Ultimately they’re there to ensure you get the most from your Asolvi investment.

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Review it

Our experts will review your functional needs and desired business outcomes and map these to the solutions that Asolvi offers. This allows them to identify the most optimal way of realising your goals.

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Deploy it

Our experts use a proven Asolvi implementation methodology to ensure your solutions are deployed right first time, with the least possible disruption to your service operation. We also ensure that everyone in your organisation is comfortable with the new system and fully confident that they can use it to drive your business forwards.

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Integrate it

Our implementation teams work in partnership with your technical staff and external partners to configure and integrate your new platform with 3rd party applications. We aim to make all the different parts of your service operation into a cohesive whole, with real-time information flowing seamlessly throughout.

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Support it

Our experts will review your functional needs and desired business outcomes and map these to the solutions that Asolvi offers. This allows them to identify the most optimal way of realising your goals.

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The new brand – what does it mean?

FSN Industry Leaders: Pål Rødseth, CEO, Asolvi

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About Asolvi

Asolvi is the leading provider of service management software for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the field service industry in Europe.

With nearly 100 years of combined experience developing solutions for a broad array of field service sectors, Asolvi is the supplier of choice for companies seeking greater flexibility, scalability and profitability. Our three powerful products — Evatic, Tesseract and WinServ — are used in 30 countries by 800 customers, managing thousands of engineers, millions of contracts, and tens of millions of service tasks. Our mission is to continue creating, developing and honing new functionality and solutions for the largely under-served SME market, through collaboration and close relations with our customers. By understanding the issues, needs and preferences of SMEs, we’re in a prime position to deliver the robust and intelligent solutions that our increasingly service-oriented economy demands. Asolvi has offices in the UK, Norway, Sweden, Germany, France, Holland and Singapore.


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