Elevator companies are faced with the issue of lower margins for maintenance contracts and increasing labor costs. Furthermore, renewing maintenance contracts with existing customers is critical because management has neither a clear view on exact due dates, nor information on the relevant machines or contract conditions.

In addition, a weekly or monthly maintenance schedule for technicians is essential to achieve customer satisfaction.

Industrial challenges

  • High labor costs for regular maintenance jobs.
  • Difficult to manage schedules for preventive maintenance in time.
  • Response time differs from agreed SLA.
  • A great deal of paperwork (maintenance schedule, job sheet, service report, check list, spare part order).
  • No real time update unless technicians notify management.
  • No transparency on contract date renewal.
  • Invoices are often sent based on progress of project timeframe, easily losing focus on the date.

 The benefits with Evatic solutions

  • Automated planning and scheduling for periodical preventive maintenance jobs per elevator.
  • Easy dispatching for urgent calls.
  • Clear visibility of technicians’ location/elevator with Evatic Map/GPS features.
  • Real time verification of the available spare parts in the system.
  • Automated service ticket reporting, if requested.
  • Short time intervals from service job to invoicing.