Heavy Equipment

Service jobs are routed directly to the service technician, making lost time, in which staff have to travel back to their department completely obsolete. Now the service technicians control their work day to a much greater extent because they have a buffer of periodic jobs that can be performed when there is spare capacity.

Thor Gunnar Brastein
Service Manager
Brubakken Truckservice AS

Nowadays Construction, Heavy Logistics and similar companies (today) are depending to a large degree on various levels of mechanical aid. This implies that investments and the consequences of downtimes are significantly higher today. The high degree of technology used in the Heavy Equipment industry also demands a high degree of skilled workforces servicing this machinery.

Together with the increased industrialization, complexity and also professionalism, the cost of down-time has increased as well. For service professionals it is important to provide the maintenance at expected levels that enables the players to fulfil their SLAs.

Industrial challenges

  • High cost during down-time, for both man and machinery.
  • Technologically complex equipment demands regular service intervals to stay operative.
  • Lack of equipment mobility requires expensive and well equipped mobile servicing capabilities.
  • Servicing complex machinery demands a skilled and well trained workforce.
  • Correct fault diagnosing demands skilled service management/service coordinators.
  • Expensive replacements demand logistical capabilities for both planning spare parts and handling used spare parts.

The benefits with Evatic solutions

  • Support in planning periodic maintenance.
  • Support logistical features for booking and spare parts management.
  • Mobile support for technicians in order to receive work/service tickets, manage and book replacements, and log work and travel time.
  • Mobile support for documentation purposes such as photos, control forms, technical manuals and other relevant technical assistance.
  • Automated service ticket reporting, if requested.
  • Time reduction from service job to invoicing.