Service Management is at the heart of our business. With Evatic Service, we are able to organize all in-house procedures with one single software. Without any manual work, we centralize all suppliers’ orders, stock management, technicians’ scheduling, short-term assignments, contracts, machines, etc… The other major aspect for us is our new capacity to precisely measure our real operational margins at any time. This is a core figure for us to efficiently prioritize our jobs.

Laurent Khemnou
Managing Director
SEREL France

The HVAC industry is facing an interesting period of transition towards green innovation and “smart energy management”. The need for a better organization is very important for all players as the market is evolving, sustained by interesting growth rates. The heating, ventilation and air conditioning market shows level cycles, however as the demand rises, new challenges appear.

Participants are dealing with machine installations and maintenance contracts that involve technicians and spare parts. One of the main requirements for them is to be able to calculate quickly and precisely the margin on each project quickly and precisely.

Industrial challenges

  • Difficulties to calculate the margin on a specific job quickly and precisely.
  • Important to have an accurate stock management of all parts assigned to a job.
  • Being able to trace the technicians time precisely due to the significance of labour costs.
  • Coordinate technician routes at any time for urgently emerging jobs.
  • Decrease the mileage for technicians.
  • Control and increase technicians’ productivity.
  • The capability to send aggregated orders to suppliers.
  • Keep track of invoicing dates for maintenance contracts.
  • Keep track of client payments for cash management.

The benefits with Evatic solutions

  • Complete stock handling with Evatic:

    – Aggregated orders to suppliers can be created.
    – Efficient and precise spare parts management.
    – Technicians mobile stock constantly replenished.

  • Complete map solution with Evatic:

    – Take control of routes to efficiently fulfil SLAs.
    – Calculate technicians’ access routes efficiently when planning service jobs.
    – Automatic acquisition of technician working hours for wage accounting.

  • Complete Dashboard / KPIs management tool for operational control:

    – Clear picture of margins on each job (payroll, parts, time, km, etc).
    – Management of margins, technicians’ productivity, etc.
    – Management of invoicing and client payments.

  • Mobile solution to handle technician work and time:

    – Travel and work time management for the technician and his team.
    – Asynchronous technology for work execution even without a network.
    – Automatic invoicing reduces delays in settlement.