Medical Equipment

With the help of Evatic we have trimmed our service processes. We have now got a more updated stock balance, a more even distribution of work and we are able to give our customers much quicker responses than previously possible. For our customers this is pure added value – for us it is pure efficiency.

Johan Almquist
Service Manager
Ninolab AB

Although the Medical Equipment industry is less susceptible to the economic downturn in comparison to other industries, it still feels the effects. MedTech companies therefore need to put emphasis on delivering higher value and service. They need to be more creative and learn to achieve more with less. 

Regardless if it’s a dental chair, lab equipment or a heart monitoring device, market demands on the quality of service are extremely high. Service providers must not only maintain these assets and fulfil the SLAs but also proactively address issues, preferably before the customers raise them.

Industrial challenges

  • Deliver first class service
    The challenges that MedTech companies meet in terms of providing first class service can be complex. Equipment is often highly sophisticated and the installation site is often not easily accessible.
  • High demands on SLAs
    Whether the medical devices are generic consumables with minimal servicing needs or capital intensive assets such as MRI machines, demands on SLAs are high and keeping track of your customers’ equipment details and service history is essential.
  • Skilled technicians
    Field technicians need real-time access to the information required, regardless of their location or the connectivity at work sites.

The benefits with Evatic solutions

Evatic gives you a head start and enables you to deliver first class service to your customers:

  • Stock management and purchasing
  • Service Contract management and SLAs
    Service Contracts are a key component of MedTec businesses, and with Evatic you can easily automate invoicing of contracts, create recurring service jobs and gain control over your individual contract related costs. You will be able to monitor Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and both measure and report their fulfilment to your customers.
  • Efficient resource planning and monitoring
    The right person for the right job. Handling your human resources and their technical skills in Evatic enables you to deliver first class service.
  • Mobility
    Full access to the appropriate information and the possibility to work without network coverage enables your technicians to be more efficient and complete their tasks directly on site at your customers’ location. Then add functionalities like checklist, order management, history tracking, on-field documentation, etc.
  • Asset management and event tracking
    Keep track of your customers’ devices. In Evatic each device at your customers’ location will be a unique individual item (by serial or object number). Here you can document features, machine properties and other relevant information. All activities, checklists, costs as well as revenue and historical data are easily accessed and enables you to give required information to your customer or authorities.
  • Stock management and purchasing
    Total control of your customers, trends and your stocks requirements will reduce your costs and release capital.