Evatic 3.5.0 – a new version is launched!

– with news, changes and improvements!

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Prepaid units
It is now possible to set up accounts with prepaid units. Your customer may pay in advance for a certain number of hour-based services or products that you offer in your portfolio.
You set up and manage all prepaid units accounts from a new tab in the contract module. You may also see status and real consumption connected to the accounts.

Prepaid units accounts can contain anything you offer, whether it is services or products, and may for instance be connected to a certain article number. It is also possible to use several prepaid units accounts on the same order. A separate function has been added for this in the Helpdesk, and in the order module it is possible to search for orders where prepaid units accounts have been used.
Prepaid units accounts can be selected on the order header and a separate pop-up will quickly and easily give information about the status of the account.

A separate display will show the status of all prepaid units accounts:

Evatic 3.5.0 – a new version is launched!_content


Customise your contracts
Previously it was only possible to set up contracts based on article groups. Now we have made a completely new functionality which makes it possible to let single articles decide what is included in the contract. This means greater flexibility and more opportunities for individual adjustments.

Please see our release notes for more information about Evatic 3.5.0