How can a semi-automatic planning system work for you?

How can a semi-automatic planning system work for you?

The main purpose of a planning system is to plan and assign a specific job to the right resource (technician) and make sure that the timeframe for completing the job is within the SLA agreement. Besides that, the technician also needs to be able to do this in the most efficient way.

A technician needs to be skilled, have the required parts available and has to drive to the job location using the most efficient route to avoid wasting too much time for driving.

Ultimately, it’s all about money. The more service jobs one single technician can do per day, the fewer technicians are needed.

There is a semi-automatic way in Evatic’s planning system that assists the planner. The challenge is to assign incidents, break-fixes, repairs and maintenance jobs  to the appropriate available technician with the required competence and the needed parts in his autostock, and who also is also in the proximity of the job location. A lot of criteria for the planner to deal with…

For this task Evatic’s planning system, in combination with Evatic’s Map system, will assist the planner.

See below a few screenshots of Evatic’s planning system. If you want to learn more about (semi) automatic planning in Evatic, please fill out the form on this page and send it .


Screenshot 1: When all default criteria has been entered into the Evatic system like Contract, Customer, Machine

and Resource (technician), the job will be matched with this criteria as a first step.evatic automatic planning system











 Screenshot 2: 

The second step in planning is to look at the availability of a spare part in the total stock system. If not available then Evatic will show that and put the job in the service workflow tree “wait for parts”

When the parts are ordered and received, the job will be put available for planning in the appropriate service workflow tree.

And the assignment to a technician can be done, if not already done before.

If no parts are needed or there is stock available then the automatic assignment to the right qualified technician is initiated and he/she will receive the job automatically on their mobile device depending on the timetable settings to assign jobs a certain pre-set time prior to start. For example, the technician will receive the job on the mobile device

16 hours prior to the start of a job.Evatic automatic planning screenshot 2









Screenshot 3:

The third step is planning the route for the technician using Evatic Map. The route is planned in the order of jobs sent to him/her based on priorities, area-codes (with range of postal codes) and starting position of the technician.

The planner can change the route of jobs directly on the Evatic Map system and the technician will be notified immediately. The planner is also able to assign the job from one technician to another by simply dragging and dropping the job on the respective technician on the Evatic Map screen.  The technicians will be notified immediately.

The planner is also able to see where the technician currently is at with a time gap of 1 minute.

This tracing functionality makes it possible to have a direct overview of the technicians in the field and to assign a high priority job to the closest technician available.Evatic automatic planning













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