How convincing are figures of cost-savings, improved efficiency and effectiveness of performance ?

Saving costs and improving profitability

Six months ago, we performed an analysis with one of our highly valued customers that has been using the Evatic solution for more than 5 years now.

The expected result of the outcome of the analysis:

–        optimise efficiency in the entire operations process with focus on service, delivery and stock management

–        achieve more cost savings

–        be more effective in customer experience and in accordance with that, improve profitability of contracts


We not only ensure the automation of the entire service process and workflows in a most efficient way, but also take care of visibility of your business performance.

Additionally, we help you to better control service operations.


The measures taken after the analysis and the result of the changes implemented were in short:

–        The average response time was reduced from 20 to 8.8 hours

–        The rate of repeat calls decreased from 10% to 3.9%

–        The number of unnecessary service visits decreased from 25% to 12.9%

–        Overall stock management improved, resulting in less stock needed in service-cars and no stock needed at

          customer’s site

–        Two of nine service engineers were no longer required in the field and were assigned to handle other tasks

–        The seven remaining service engineers are now able to service approx 418 machines with an average monthly

          volume of 1.25 million clicks.


Due to a long-term close relationship with several printing device manufacturers and developers of fleet management systems, we have gained a deeper insight knowledge of the printing business.


We care about the printing business and, in particular, about our customers who have experienced our software solution and benefit from our broad knowledge of the industry.


If you want to know more about achieving higher efficiency, improving control and subsequently, optimising profitability, please contact us by filling out the contact form or send an email to