Launching the new Evatic Mobile Service App version 5

On April 15th we have launched EMS 5 with a complete new and adaptive design based on Google Material Design Guidelines.

With a new scheduler component giving the Mobile service user the possibility to assign un-assigned jobs to himself or to his colleague-service engineers. A simpler and more consistent layout between views allows a better overview of for example aggregated articles, service history etc.

Here is a review of the many improved, updated and new features in EMS 5

Assigning service jobs with the help of the new scheduler facilities in EMS 5

The EMS 5 user has the ability to assign a service job to himself or to another service engineer with the help of the integrated new scheduler. Assigning service jobs from the mobile device has become easier. Also replanning unfinished service jobs, duplicating service tasks and creating new tasks has become an easy affair for the EMS 5 user.

Evatic Mobile service EMS 5 AssignEMS5 Calendar menu

EMS 5 calendar view weekCalendar EMS 5 month view

Several screens from EMS 5 : #1 Menu chioce Planner  #2 Assigning to a technician   #3 Menu choice Calendar   #4 Calendar Weekly overview  # 5 Calendar Month view + detail lines



Customer, Contract and

Machine -information directly available on the mobile deviceEMS 5 meter count 

EMS 5 has the possibility to adapt/modify or add machines properties on the mobile device. For example changing the IP address or device settings or versions etc. Also the history of parts-changed, last service jobs etc. are directly visible.

The last meter reading (counter) is visible and the service engineer can add the new meter reading related to the service job.  So you know when a certain part has been changed and at what meter count.




Article-management and Stock-management on the mobile device with EMS 5

 For each machine you can view a list of machine-specific parts, consumables with the stock availability of the own car stock, central stock and even the stock of other locations (colleague service engineers). With the possibility of making a reservation on a required part when not available in own car stock or with the request to order a certain part or consumable for this specific service job.

The possibility to scan an article being used for the service job has been a feature in previous versions and is still available in EMS 5. So a manual input of article numbers or search for articles on the mobile device is not necessary.

Another very much appreciated feature is the ability to perform stock movements on the EMS 5 which has been made easier to use. For example when moving car stock from your colleague service engineer to your own car stock in order to solve a service call.

EMS 5 stock movementEMS 5 stock changes


Pre-ordered articles is a frequently used feature from earlier versions and also available in EMS 5

Pre-ordered articles are articles/parts/consumables that are added to the task before it is assigned to a service engineer, i.e. consumables planned to use during a periodic service. When opening a task with pre-order articles, EMS 5 will ask the mobile user to confirm that the articles are available in the car stock.

EMS 5 pre ordered articles


 Working with aggregated articles (multiple articles combines into 1) was also a feature available in earlier versions of Evatic mobile that has now been visually improved in EMS 5 and now offers the possibility to split the articles for usage i.e. a service kit.

EMS 5 aggregated articles EMS 5 aggregated article split

Finishing the service job with extra features in EMS 5

 In the past it has already been possible to let the customer sign for the service job and the service engineer sign for usage of time and material, but now it is possible to let the customer disclose their level of satisfaction, with 3 choices (smileys) to state their satisfaction of the rendered service.EMS 5 Customer satisfaction 

Smileys to express customer satisfaction and agreement on terms and conditions in EMS 5

The customer has a complete overview on the mobile device of the travel-time, labour, used material and costs. The service ticket is mailed directly to the customers provided email address after acceptance.


Some other highlighted features in EMS 5

For many years Evatic has chosen to provide a mobile solution that works on-line as well as off-line. After synchronizations of service jobs, the service engineer can work on-line as well as off-line on these jobs. You can also set preferences to sy

EMS 5 google maps

nchronize a certain part or range of article stock to be available on the mobile device while working off-line. Synchronization will be done whenever a network (Wi-Fi or telecom) is available.

The dispatcher or service manager can see the current status with the Evatic back office functionality on the dispatch/planning screen (travelling, working on the job, finished) as soon as the service engineer has carried out the action on his mobile device, so he/she can assign another task to the service engineer when available.

To make life easier for the service engineer we have integrated Google Maps into EMS 5 




You can get an impression of the design and features by clicking on this icon EMS 5 youtube  where you can select to watch a YouTube video of EMS 5