New customers and Go-live with Evatic

Welcome to the new Evatic customers in Europe & Africa !

Recently, four of our German customers (Gerard Bürokommunikations GmbH, Herbert König Bürotechnik KG/ Aristik AG, Töns GmbH & Co KG and Samtech GmbH) went live after a thorough implementation of the Evatic software with our partner EBS Solutions in Germany.

Furthermore, two customers in France went live with Evatic as customers Evatic

In the Benelux, France and Africa several new customers have signed a 3-year license agreement with Evatic in order to achieve the full potential of their service operation.

One of the key aspects why these customers have chosen Evatic, is the fully automated workflow system from data collection to meters billing and consumable fulfilment.

Besides the potential savings in labour, toner and shipment costs, the reduced toner usage has led to their decision to implement Evatic Service for their entire printing business.

In the meantime, the implementation of Evatic for all the new customers has begun.

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