New Release from Evatic version 6

New Release from Evatic version 6

With the version 6.1.0, Evatic introduces a complete, refreshed and improved planning system as part of the Evatic Service software.

To mention a few of the many new features of our planning system: 

–        Users can define default duration times based on models and symptom codes. With the combination of 3 level symptom codes, the possibilities are unlimited.Evatic Better Planning Duration time

–        The default duration can also be based on work time, used on previous tasks and automatically added to new tasks, with the same combination of model and symptom codes.

–        Visual improvement of the Resource Management view (see picture) with the ability to drag and drop tasks for the same technician (changing date/time), or drag and drop tasks from one technician to another.

Evatic Better Planning Screen

–        With the improved planning system in Evatic, the Evatic Mobile System has also changed some features, like the possibility to reject assigned jobs including a reason for the rejection, for instance “need parts” or “still working on current job”. These rejected tasks will move in the task ‘View Rejected Assignments’ and the dispatcher can re-assign them to another technician.


Many more new features have been added. Please Click here to find out all about our Service Management features.