Reference story Lindbak Gruppen AS Norway

Customer satisfaction statement from a Norwegian customer

Lindbak Gruppen AS from Trondheim Norway has been a well-respected Evatic customer for many years. Lindbak offers a complete solution for mid to large businesses including Document Management Solutions (dealership of Canon, Ricoh, Toshiba, and Papercut), Office furniture, Coffee Systems, Audio-Video systems, and IT Solutions. Lindbak has almost 300 employees and a yearly turnover of  50 million EUR. Lindbak copy print & Coffee machines from Norway


Lindbak’s CEO Mr. Dag Kleven has had experience with Evatic for more than 8 years. Recently Lindbak implemented the Evatic Consumable and Meter-reading Management system (in short ECMM) together with the Evatic Fleet Management System (in short EFM), Powered by Printfleet.

 “I expect tremendous cost savings on reduced toner consumption because we can now fully control and monitor our customers’ toner consumption. With the ECMM & EFM solutions added to our very well operating Evatic system, we will be able to save about 10% to 15% of our annual toner costs. Considering the size of our connected fleet and the cost of toner, the investment will be returned in a very short time. In addition to the improvement we get from toner logistic, we will also save a lot of time collecting meter readings from our customers, and we can automate the whole process, reducing unnecessary stress on our customers who used to report the meter readings themselves”.

 Mr. Inge Hårsaker, Evatic’s head of global sales commented: “We see a similar percentage of savings as mentioned by Lindbak for most of our customers that have implemented our ECMM solution. In today’s market, providers such as Lindbak are in a very competitive environment where efficiency and control is a must, in order to maintain profitability. Evatic’s ECMM solution is built with this goal in mind. With ECMM, a provider can forecast and plan all toner shipments, avoiding too many  toner bottles on customers’ side as well as having customers running out of toner”. Inge Harsaker

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