The benefits of a fully automated workflow System for MPS providers — Video of the webinar June 2017

MPS providers are experiencing 4 major pain points — here’s how to solve them

At our live webinar in June, we talked about the main obstacles to profitability for managed print services providers. We also talked about ways of getting past them. If you weren’t able to attend, check out the image.

Evatic webinar MPS providers

Evatic Webinar June 2017 video

 If you’re looking for ways to improve your profitability and stay ahead, it’s definitely worth a listen.

But if you haven’t got 15 minutes to spare, here’s a summary of what was discussed. We’ve broken everything down into 4 major pain points experienced by MPS providers, and how a fully automated and optimised workflow is the key to solving them and turning them into Gain Points.

Pain Point 1 — using multiple fleet management systems because of multi-brand dealerships

Lots of businesses rely on a combination of brands, but using a different fleet management system per brand is not ideal. It means you have limited overarching control of toner consumption and related costs.

Some manufacturers say that their machines are best managed using their own fleet management system, and that their system can manage other brands equally well. In most cases this isn’t true and will not give you the data you want or need. Plus, do you really want your manufacturer knowing about all the other brands you use?

Evatic Fleet Manager (EFM), powered by Printfleet, is a versatile fleet management system that collects data remotely from any brand of printer. Fast and easy to deploy, it will connect seamlessly with Evatic Consumable and Meter Management (ECMM), which processes the data and uses it to generate invoices and toner replacements automatically.

Pain Point 2 — manual toner deliveries

Most MPS providers have to monitor all their connected devices to see when new toner is needed, and then generate a shipment order manually. It’s down to the person doing the monitoring to decide when the toner level is too low and a replacement should be sent. This can lead to toner being sent out too early or too late because of different volume outputs, resulting in wasted costs.

ECMM calculates the ideal time for cartridge replacement based on usage and pre-defined rules, triggering orders as late as possible, as early as necessary, and processing each order automatically.

Pain Point 3 — inefficient shipping

Sending toner cartridges one by one is expensive and inefficient. Providers are often compelled to wait until multiple machines at the same site require toner so that they can combine shipments. This can lead to toner being sent too late. 

ECMM will automatically deliver toner in the most optimal way possible, combining cartridges when necessary and practical. This will reduce shipment costs and prevent you having to worry about when and how to send toner.

Pain Point 4 — uncontrolled toner consumption

One of the advantages for customers is that toner is included in the contract price. That contract price is determined by print page volume. Expected toner consumption is based on an average amount of ink used per page, aka the coverage ratio.

 But what if your customer started using more ink? What if they did a load of print jobs with a higher coverage ratio? What if they started doing more short-run print jobs, which use up more ink than long-run jobs? It means they’d need more toner.

 Many providers just send out a new cartridge the moment the customer or machine requests it. But if you end up delivering more toner than expected or planned for in the contract, you’re making an immediate loss. Toner accounts for over 50% of the cost of an MPS contract, so without a system for comparing how much toner is going out to how much should be going out, you’re unlikely to survive.

The Evatic BI Tool allows you to compare delivered toner to planned toner in relation to coverage and volume printed. It will show you if toner deliveries are higher than expected and the effects this has on your profitability. This means you’re able to make better and more strategic decisions on contract price, increasing it when necessary to cover the higher toner consumption. Alternatively you may decide to charge separately for the extra toner.

Our webinar has more detail about how EFM and ECMM can eliminate the problems associated with traditional MPS workflows and dramatically improve profitability. And if you want to know more about Evatic BI Tool, you can read our product page.

To speak to us about how we can help you improving your profitability and be more in control,  contact us or send us an email at