The Büroboss organisation in Germany has chosen the Evatic Service software solution

Bürologistik GmbH & Co. KG founded in 1996 in Northeim Germany operating under the name Büroboss cooperation, existing of 15 cooperating Partner-dealers located all over Germany and supplying Office equipment and office supplies, have signed an overall license agreement for Evatic Service with Asolvi Germany GmbH on November 9th 2018.Bueroboss logo

The Büroboss cooperation exists of 350+ employees and all locations are supplied from the central Logistik Center in Northeim.

The Büroboss organisation was looking for a software solution that covers all their requirements and further more:

  • Standardized implementation and configuration for all Büroboss locations

And therefore require less implementation time and costs and be able to provide uniform reporting and benchmarking possibilities

After a thorough investigation in Germany for a Service Management solution that covers all their requirements and also is able to provide a single instance implementation but divided in separate Büroboss companies, they decided to implement the Evatic Service software.

The Büroboss organisation has examined several solutions in Germany and it proved that Evatic offered the best fit solution for the Service business. Mr. Musch, sales director from Asolvi Germany GmbH, proved to the Büroboss organisation that the pricing model and technology of Evatic Service  allows Bürologistik to host the software from the central office in Northeim on a single SQL server system, divided into separate companies, which is ideal for the Büroboss Partner-organisation to connect the partners to this platform.

Mr. René Musch, Sales Director Asolvi Germany GmbH;Rene Musch

“The whole operating part of the migration and implementation of Evatic as well as the interface to Tosca will be done by our partner EBS Solutions GmbH, who joined us in every step of the road to the signing of the contract. Mr. Ketil Johnsen, managing director of EBS, showed and explained the project plan and the advantages of the KPI Dashboards which also will be implemented for Büroboss.”

“These KPI Dashboards are a real necessity for every manager in the Document Management Industry as they provide them with all the figures, charts and analysis of their operation. And therefore make it able for them to steer on facts and figures instantly.” According to Ketil Johnsen, who showed and explained the various Dashboards in Evatic. Making it a real valuable system for the Büroboss partner organisation.


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