Upcoming Webinars Q1 2018

Upcoming Webinars Q1 2018 starting with the Sales Management module, from Contact to Contract 

We have planned several webinars in Q1 2018 starting with the Sales Management module “From contact to contract”.

 In this webinar we will show you the functionality and many features of the Evatic Sales Management module, from creating an opportunity, calculating and sending the offer with predefined templates, to the fully automated workflows, in which the offer is approved, the contracts are generated and the order and delivery operations are automatically processed.

In many organizations a big part of this process is performed manually or in several seperate software systems. In Evatic a fully automated workflow accomplishes it.

Let us show you how much time this automated process will save you and how well you will be able to have full control over the sales and delivery process.

Evatic Sales Management module

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French language Jan 15th

English language Jan 16th

German language Jan 19th


The next upcoming webinar in 2018 will be “Better Planning in Evatic”


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