Evatic Bi Tool

Evatic Business Intelligence Tool

A must-have performance management platform to drive your business forwards and leave competitors lagging behind

Evatic Bi Tool

Companies in the copy-print industry are fighting for margins in a challenging, changing marketplace. To get ahead, they need to look closely at their data and find out where they are losing money and where they can make more.

If you’re one of those companies, you could be experiencing the following problems:

  • Your customers’ toner consumption is above the agreed levels in their contract.
  • You’re not invoicing enough for ad hoc service work.
  • The same printers/copiers keep experiencing faults, and those faults are not always being fixed first time.

You need to trace these problems to their source in order to solve them. Evatic Business Intelligence (BI) Tool lets you do that. This user-friendly platform allows you to dig deep into your data, find out why something is happening, and make meaningful decisions to change it. Crucially, Evatic BI Tool monitors the effects of those decisions to ensure that your business is moving forwards and your business strategy is succeeding.



Evatic M2M - BenefitsVisualise and track your KPIs

Evatic BI Tool displays your key performance indicators (KPIs) in a clear, vivid and digestible format, enabling you to tackle problems and pinpoint positive business trends.

Evatic M2M - BenefitsEstablish new KPIs

Tailored dashboards with easy-to-change, drag-and-drop filters and the ability to produce custom reports allow you to adapt, develop and improve the ways in which you measure your business performance.

Evatic M2M - BenefitsBetter decision-making

Evatic BI Tool enables you to make decisions based on real data rather than on gut feeling and guesswork.

Evatic M2M - BenefitsIncreased profitability

Better decisions boost productivity and efficiency, increasing your profitability and competitiveness.

Evatic M2M - BenefitsContinued success

Evatic BI Tool lets you easily monitor improvements and profitability gains so that you can keep making them.

Evatic M2M - BenefitsEase of use

You don’t need to understand or write complicated SQL code, nor do you need to know where all the different pieces of information are stored in the database. Common core data is already extracted, sorted and ready to use; the rest is easy to find.

Product Features

  • Standard and customised dashboards and reports including contract profitability, toner consumption, machine target summaries, click price trends and sales per technician

  • Real-time and historic data showing performance of your processes, people, products/hardware and customers

  • Drill-down functionality; your data is sorted into a sensible hierarchy rather than all being displayed together

  • Easy-to-understand formatting, with charts and graphs instead of lists and tables

  • Automatic alerts

  • Automatically emailed reports

  • No technical or database knowledge required