Evatic Sales

Evatic Sales

Evatic Sales

A thorough overview of the entire sales process between sales team and customers

Evatic Sales

All customer related information is available at a glance.

Now all business relevant data and sales related decisions are transparent and accessible in a compact format.


Evatic Sales - Benefits Targeted sales activities

Extensive search functions in Evatic Sales assist you with selected information and acquisition. Personalized sales and marketing activities reach the right audience.

Evatic Sales - Benefits Start off in a well-planned working week

Customer appointments and meetings are transparent to the team via the connection to MS Outlook. This avoids multiple contact attempts with customers; all correspondence is stored in the customers’ file database.

Evatic Sales - Benefits Keep track of your sales processes

You are informed at all times about the activities of your sales team, which is helpful not only for checking and adapting structures and procedures, but also for ascertaining relevant commissions.

Evatic Sales - Benefits Higher sales volume – improved service

Evatic Sales seamlessly provides the service department with all necessary customer and equipment information, for immediate reaction when service is needed.

 Product Features

  • Higher sales figures and improved customer service
  • Detailed customer and project information on recall
  • Pre-defined templates to prepare quotations
  • Visible calendar functions for ideal time and travel planning in the sales team
  • Team activities are measureable and can be evaluated accordingly (i.e. bonus payments)
  • Automatic information exchange between sales and service activities
  • Efficient sales team
  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • Basis for better customer knowledge and care