Evatic Service

Evatic Service

Evatic Service

Evatic – A complete end-to-end solution for service management

Evatic Service

Evatic Service is a flexible and multifunctional service management system, which covers all business processes from sales to after-sales service and advanced contract management.

Companies of all dimensions within various industries apply the Evatic Service Management System on a daily basis. These companies have one thing in common:

The requirement to offer their customers excellent service while having to generate profits for the company at the same time.


Evatic Service - Benefits Reduced and optimized processes

Covers every aspect of the business process – from sales in the integrated CRM-solution to service management, automated and optimized with easy-to-use mobile solutions.

Evatic Service - Benefits Cost control, improved cash flow

Easily monitored with complete control over all your service related costs, enables the correct customer response.

Evatic Service - Benefits Increased quality, reduced frequency of errors

Less errors save cost, time and ensure customer satisfaction.

Evatic Service - Benefits Improved SLAs monitoring 

Just-in-time services and direct reporting, grants your customers advanced visibility.

Evatic Service - Benefits Improved efficiency of technicians

Automatically scheduled jobs, use of competence groups, checklist features and mobile applications.

Evatic Service - Benefits Prompt and reliable invoicing

Due to automatically generated contract invoicing and daily reporting of service orders.

Product Features

  • Advanced task planning
  • Advanced contract management
  • Automated contract invoicing
  • Stock management and purchasing
  • Service task transmission to technicians (Mobile solutions)
  • Flexible meter integration, and service intervals
  • Integration and exchange with ERP
  • Competence control
  • Efficient resource planning and scheduling
  • Checklist functionality
  • Revenue and cost analysis
  • Evatic Mobile Service application
  • Export reports to Microsoft Excel, Adobe PDF and HTML

Evatic Stock

Smart stock management to improve accountability and increase profitability

Evatic Stock

The Evatic Stock module unifies many advantages into a single system. You can now effectively manage your suppliers, your company’s multiple warehouses, the stock movement and status with detailed stock analysis. Logistics and inventory will now be considerably more transparent and cost-effective.


Evatic Service - Benefits Supplier management 

With the Evatic Stock module, you can pre-define purchase order quantities to your suppliers. The central warehouse can be automatically prompted to refill any stock item when a critical stock level is reached. And, the Evatic system also allows you to include alternate suppliers and their associated price list.

Evatic Stock - Benefits Multiple warehousing

Your fleet of service vehicles with its own hold of spare parts acts as an extension of the central warehouse. These spare parts have to be accounted for, especially during the year-end stock take. The “moving warehouses” can be automatically prompted to refill any spare part when a critical stock level is reached. Service staff can also be empowered to request for replenishment via their mobile application. With the Evatic Stock module, you will have full control over stock levels and stock transfers from one warehouse to another.

Evatic Stock - Benefits Stock movement & stock status

With the Evatic Stock module, you can now keep track of the movement of your stock down to the detailed level of who took what at what time. The stock movement is captured in the system, linking a particular stock to a specific service order and customer, thus streamlining the invoicing process, providing transparency and accountability. The Stock module also provides up-to-date stock status, with the ability to record individual serial numbers of each of the stock.

Evatic Service - Benefits Stock analysis 

Your sales have a direct relationship to your stock level. Products with slow sales do not have to be replenished as quickly as fast-moving ones. With the Evatic Stock module, you will be able to determine the stocking level for each item, thus maintaining an optimal inventory, based on historical data and sales forecasting. The Evatic system is also able to provide an up-to-date inventory value of your stock.

Product Features

  • Receiving and issuing goods with multiple warehousing feature
  • Stock tracking in terms of stock movement, stock level and inventory costing
  • Automatic replenishment of stock at pre-defined levels
  • Streamlined invoicing process that links service orders to customer data 
  • Easily integrated into any existing ERP systems or used as a stand-alone solution

Evatic Helpdesk

Efficient registration of service calls and customer inquiries

Evatic Helpdesk

Evatic Helpdesk contains essential functionality for your entire management of support calls and customer inquiries. Straightforward handling of registration, assigning as well as reporting and allocation of support tasks. Support tasks received by email can be automatically registered and found in designated folders of a clear and visible Helpdesk tree. Service history and all necessary data from Evatic Service are instantly available, providing you with all information needed for a fast and effective customer support.


Service Desk - Benefits One single system for support and service management

As Evatic Helpdesk is a module in Evatic Service, you will always have all registered data from Evatic Service at your disposal. You do not need to register customers, equipment, addresses or contact persons in several systems. If an assignment cannot be solved by first line support in Evatic Helpdesk, it can easily be submitted directly to the project module in Evatic Service. Then it will be assigned to the service department technicians to finish the service task in Evatic Mobile.

Service Desk - Benefits Unrivalled customer service

Service history connected to a helpdesk task as well as other relevant data from Evatic Service is available in the Helpdesk, making it convenient to provide first-rate and efficient support to your customers. Automatic emails or text messages may be sent to the customer providing information on the progress or the conclusion of a task.

Service Desk - Benefits Cost effective customer support

Evatic Helpdesk provides you with all tools needed to have a cost effective and high quality support. As you will always have access to accurate and relevant information and the system provides the customer with automatic status updates via email, you can reduce the time spent with customer calls, allowing support staff more time to focus on solving the cases received.

Product Features

  • Easy access to find customers and equipment when registering new service calls
  • All necessary data from Evatic Service is available
  • Receive helpdesk tasks as email and register them automatically
  • Assigning service tasks to qualified and available service technicians is straightforward
  • Complete summary of all open support tasks previously registered to the customer
  • Work time registers automatically by start/stop button 
  • Time spent on a task is handled according to contract terms
  • Complete access to service history connected to the task
  • Shortcut for sending tasks to the service department, creating a service project in Evatic Service
  • Automatic emails to the customer, providing information on the progress, or the conclusion of a task
  • Pop-ups and e-mail reminders for high priority tasks
  • Received and sent emails as well as attached files, or other relevant documents related to a helpdesk task are always available for the support task


Evatic Problem Management

Reduce the consequences of problems that may occur with software or equipment

Evatic Problem Management

Evatic Problem Management aims to reduce the consequences of problems that may occur with software or equipment located at your customers. The module is specialized in finding workarounds, problem analysis, as well as finding and implementing sustainable solutions to prevent similar problems from reoccurring.

This module is based on ITIL and the principles of quality control in the IT industry.


Problem Management - Benefits Keep track of all incidents and problems in five clear steps

1) Identification, 2) Workaround, 3) Analysis, 4) Solution and implementation, 5) Closing problem

It is easy to get a clear overview and follow the problem solving process from identification to solution. Each step has its own tab, with colour codes describing the status of the problem and how far the process of finding a solution has evolved.

Problem Management - Benefits ITIL workflow gives quality control

All problems are governed by a problem manager, who is the only one allowed to create/edit and manage the problem. Before you can close a problem, all customers connected to the problem must have received information, all statuses on each tab must be green and all tasks linked to the problem must be closed. This will grant an excellent and quality assured handling of all incidents.

Problem Management - Benefits Keep your customers informed

As soon as a suitable workaround is defined or a final solution is found, you can easily send the complete information to all customers concerned, directly from the Problem Management module via email.

Product Features

  • Create workarounds by designing alternative work routines
  • A knowledge database repository for support and service assignments
  • The system informs customers about temporary routines or workarounds
  • Easy to contact all concerned customers directly by e-mail
  • Problems can be defined by symptom and action codes, added to Helpdesk and project tasks in a defined period
  • Possibility to define a problem, based on a specific machine/object, serial-number range or installation dates
  • Comprehensible colour codes describe the status of the problem and how far the process of finding a solution has evolved
  • Available information about similar recorded problems