Evatic System Integration

Evatic System Integration

Evatic System Integration

“Integration may be the most cost-effective way for IT to add business value to the enterprise.”

Evatic System Integration

The majority of Evatic customers use an ERP-system for accounting, logistics and financial management. Evatic Service can be integrated with a number of leading ERP systems and other systems such as Microsoft Exchange or advanced CRM-systems.


System Integration - Benefits Seamless flow of information between systems.
System Integration - Benefits Eliminate the cost of storing and managing redundant data.
System Integration - Benefits Reduce the cost of manual data re-entry and report generation.
System Integration - Benefits Lower ongoing system administration expenses.
Service Desk - Benefits Control and simplify business processes via workflow.
System Integration - Benefits Greater co-operation between departments.
System Integration - Benefits Less concern with being committed to a single vendor.


With an integrated solution, our customers will benefit from having the master data automatically updated in Evatic Service, whenever changed in the ERP system. At the same time, orders/invoices will automatically be transferred from Evatic into the ERP system for invoicing and further processing.

Evatic integrates with most leading ERP-systems including:

  • Microsoft Dynamics AX & Nav
  • IBS Enterprise
  • Jeeves ERP
  • Epicor
  • UniMicro
  • Sage
  • Visma Business, Global & SPCS
  • Datev
  • Wings ERP

Every integration is based upon our standard integration for the ERP system in question, but is always customized for each customer in order to fulfill the exact data exchange needs of the individual customer.

Product Features

Evatic also has its own interface functionality, enabling other systems to effortlessly integrate with Evatic systems. Standard integration can be carried out by using:

  • External tables
  • Web services
  • CSV/text-files
  • XML-files

Integration can also be customized using:

  • Third-party SDK/API
  • SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services)
  • ERP systems web services

The Evatic integration components are fully customizable to cover the requirements for each system setup.

Data Flow Example

System Integration - Infographic