Kitchens & Catering Field Service Management Software

Want to stand out from the catering crowd?

Demand is high for innovative providers of commercial ovens, fridge-freezers, dish and glass washers, coffee machines and other foodservice systems. As competitors multiply, providers with powerful service management technology at their disposal will be the ones bringing home the bacon.

Catering equipment providers tell us:

“We need more automation.”
Many catering equipment providers are burdened by time-intensive manual and paper-based administrative tasks. Our software will automate many of these processes so that your office- and field-based staff can spend more time on the jobs they’re actually paid to do.
“We need better monitoring & control of first-time fix rates and SLAs.”
With customers expecting more uptime and reliability from their equipment, providers are under greater pressure to deliver first-time fixes and improved service levels. Our software gives you the 360° visibility you need to do that.
“We need to do preventative maintenance more effectively.”
Preventing downtime means doing more efficient and effective preventative maintenance. Our software makes this possible by automatically scheduling preventative maintenance appointments in advance based on fully integrated asset and contract data. We can also integrate with IoT telemetry systems, empowering your teams to monitor smart kitchen equipment remotely and remedy issues before customers even know about them.
“We need to optimise our resources.”
Our software gives you full visibility of your entire workforce and prevents abuse of overtime by automatically logging timings. You’re able to keep track of where your engineers are and what they’re doing. It can also automatically select the most appropriate engineer for a job, minimising travel time and maximising productive time.
“We need to know when warranties are due to expire.”
Our software provides automated warranty expiration alerts to all users so that immediate action can be taken to renew or upsell new service contracts.
“We need a faster quoting system.”
By fully integrating all the different stages of your service chain, our software makes it easy to convert a quote into a service call or a service call into a quote. In addition, when quotes are raised, most of the data required is already there, saving salespeople 10-15 minutes per quote.
“We need to improve engineer performance.”
Our software streamlines engineer workflows by enabling them to receive, complete and sign off jobs electronically on their mobile devices. No paperwork is required and all the information they need about a piece of kitchen equipment is available to them.
“We need better reporting.”
Our software comes with hundreds of standard reports that are easy to tweak to fit individual industry and company needs. Centralised data and automated emails mean that reports are compiled and sent in a couple of clicks.
Asolvi is a top provider of service management software for the kitchens & catering equipment industry

For decades Asolvi has served up superior service management to companies that sell and maintain cookers, chillers, warewashing and disinfection technology, drinks dispensers and other professional kitchen equipment. Our software helps you deliver an enhanced service to your customers so that they can deliver an enhanced service to theirs.

Put profitability on the menu with our tools

Advanced asset and contract management

All service contracts and professional kitchen assets are housed in a centralised database and fully integrated with the rest of the system. Warranty expiration alerts and contract renewal reminders are automatically generated so that salespeople can renew and upsell new contracts with plenty of notice, maximising profitability. Centralised data powers the automation of routine tasks across all stages of the service chain, from invoicing to reporting to preventative maintenance management.

Preventative maintenance and SLA management

Preventative maintenance visits are inputted automatically into a live diary so that they can be planned, allocated and agreed in advance. Easier-to-manage preventative maintenance allows you to keep your customers’ kitchen equipment running at optimal efficiency. Full visibility of assets together with automated response time alerts allow service teams to maintain service levels and comply more easily with SLAs. Fully integrated stock management tools ensure that engineers have the parts they need when they need them, boosting first-time fix rates and customer satisfaction.

Predictive maintenance

Our software can integrate with IoT telemetry systems and receive maintenance data instantly from smart kitchen equipment. As a result you can switch to a predictive maintenance model and remedy issues remotely before machines go down. This allows you to make your service contracts more appealing by promising increased levels of guaranteed equipment uptime.

Automated scheduling

We offer assisted and automated scheduling options. Our assisted scheduling software will produce lists of the best engineers for a job based on geography, skill set, availability and other factors, so that your dispatchers can allocate engineers in a more optimal and efficient fashion. Our automated scheduling software does everything for you, automatically allocating all outstanding jobs to the most appropriate engineers without any manual intervention.

Automated reporting & invoicing

Job and service contract costings are automatically calculated and invoices are pre-loaded with all relevant figures and customer data, ready to be submitted. Countless standard reports are available and instantly accessible by those that need them. These reports are easily tweaked according to industry and company needs and generated automatically, saving staff from having to trawl through databases.

Enterprise mobility for field engineers

Engineers have all the information they need about a job, a customer and an asset in one place on their mobile devices. They’re able to write service reports and sign off jobs electronically, in real time, using our platform-independent mobile software. They no longer need to rely on paperwork or phone calls to the office, streamlining their workflows and maximising in-the-field productive time.

Sales management

Creating and agreeing quotes for parts, service contracts and ad hoc works is simple and fast. Once quotes are accepted, they are converted automatically into ready-made service contracts and/or fed through to our job management module so that your service teams can plan and schedule the work. Sales actions are logged in one place, harmonising your sales and service activities and enabling salespeople to be fully informed when pursuing leads.

Helpdesk functionality and customer self-service

Logging and processing service requests is quick and easy with our helpdesk software. Our customer self-service web portal is even better, reducing calls to the helpdesk and giving customers more transparency and more control over their service provision.