Tesseract implementations to be aided by Asolvi’s new technical consultant

Published: Tuesday, 17 Jul 2018

Asolvi’s new technical consultant, Stuart Page, will help bring the benefits of our well-established Tesseract service management product to field service organisations Europe-wide.

Tesseract is Asolvi’s longest-running application and known for its extensive functionality and user-friendly interfaces. Stuart is expected to be involved in all technical aspects of a Tesseract implementation, from solution scoping to installation and rollout. His remit includes project work and upgrades to the latest version of the Tesseract system for existing customers.

Stuart brings 18 years of experience in deployment of business solutions, primarily ERP, helpdesk and quoting systems, working closely with clients’ technical staff as well as management representatives and end users.

“The fact that Asolvi is a business consultancy as well as a software provider is what drew me to it,” says Stuart. “It’s not just concerned with selling software. It cares about making sure its customers succeed and are profitable in their respective industries. I was also drawn by its significant European and international presence and ongoing expansion plans. Asolvi is determined to play a key role in shaping the future of field service for businesses of all sizes, particularly those finding it difficult to compete. I’m excited to be a part of that.”

Stuart Page is the latest in a string of hires as Asolvi moves to position itself as the leading provider of service management software for small and medium-sized enterprises across Europe.