Service Management Software

Service Centre SC5.1
service centre 5.1

Service Management Software

Developed using Microsoft.Net technology, the Tesseract Service Management Software package is database independent, browser independent software with a zero footprint client and now available as a SaaS.

Service Centre 5.1

All the functionality you would expect from Tesseract, the leading Service Management Software provider, now comes as standard:
  • Asset tracking & configuration control with serial/asset numbers & full audit trail.
  • Contract Administration with SLA, billing, warranty control & third party support.
  • Meter billing; usage, minimum & block together with consumables.
  • Call logging with diary, SLA escalation & full audit trail. Engineer dispatch with job update, parts usage & job invoicing.
  • Logistics control for warehouse and van, both repairable & disposal parts.
  • Full workshop repair module including booking in/out wizard and full audit.
  • Sales Tracking System with Remote Access for salesmen.
  • Generation of sales and contract quotations using simple wizard.

System Architecture and Scalebility PDF

Service Centre is a modular product and designed to integrate in a range of configurations to meet specific customer requirements.

Tesseract System Architecture
Remote Engineer Access (REA)
Tesseract Remote Engineer Access provides the tools to achieve full information flow directly between the engineer and service centre whilst retaining central control, REA can run on most Smartphones, Tablets and Laptops in both online and offline modes.
Application Programme Interface (API)
Tesseract Application Programme Interface allows information to be transferred electronically between other systems and Service Centre 5.1.
Remote Customer Access (RCA)
RCA is the Tesseract Customer Portal allowing your customers to log service calls, check status of outstanding calls and run call reports. Customers can also add meter readings and raise workshop jobs and Sales Orders.
Email Service
A web service that allows emailing to be fully integrated within the Tesseract Service Management Software, enabling user defined email escalations’ and customer service interaction.
Diary Assist
This web service is for call optimization based on skill set, availability, response time or appointment, estimated work time, travel and cost of call.