What to do about your ageing field service software (and avoid getting left behind)

What to do about your ageing field service software (and avoid getting left behind)

What to do about your ageing field service software (and avoid getting left behind)

Many organisations in the field service industry are in a quandary. The software they’re using to help run their field service processes isn’t giving them the competitive advantage it used to, and now they’re at risk of falling behind.

Why? Because the 4th Industrial Revolution is in full swing and has brought with it an enormous wave of technological advances. These advances enable field service management (FSM) providers to continually hone and improve their solutions. This means the system you put in place when the need for better FSM first arose could be long past its prime.

And it’s not just new technologies driving the change. Also contributing are the ever-increasing demands and expectations of consumers and the deregulation of certain industries. The economy is changing and the field service industry is waking up to it.

Currently many organisations are feeling the pressure to provide better customer experiences but are constrained from doing so by their own FSM software. They are typically encountering a multitude of problems:

  • Not enough automation — their service operation is still hampered by the need for manual interventions
  • Limited functionality — old, stagnant software just can’t do what an evolving company needs it to
  • Not enough scalability — it’s difficult to add new users to their current system, thereby impeding the company’s growth
  • A desire to move to the cloud — cloud-based solutions offer flexibility in terms of cost, access, up-to-date functionality and data storage
  • Their current software wasn’t designed as an FSM solution — many organisations are using finance systems to cost and control field service activities, or ERP systems that aren’t configured to handle the complexity of a field service operation.

Organisations are keen to alleviate these problems and get back in the race their competitors, who’ve already upgraded, are winning.

Still, the will to embrace a new, superior system doesn’t always translate into immediate change. Many organisations will put it off, largely because of time, money and fear of change. We also see companies who implement short-term fixes and solutions that are like putting a plaster on a broken leg.

The problem is these organisations are ignoring a very damaging irony: that they’re unwilling to invest time and money into a system that will save them time and money. This, unfortunately, is how they’ll get left behind.

The good news is that there are software providers out there who are fully aware of these concerns and ready to allay them. Asolvi’s leading-edge solution, Tesseract, is an off-the-shelf system designed and configured for field service businesses, promising a much smoother implementation process than you might be expecting. You also get full support from FSM veterans who’ve been in the industry for 30+ years. Our teams are acutely aware of the challenges you may be facing and the worries your office- and field-based staff may be having.

Organisations that want to stay relevant in our fast-evolving service economy need to act quickly. Contact Asolvi today on +44(0)1494 465066 or sales@asolvi.com to learn how we can help you get back your competitive advantage.

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