Asolvi launches new customer focus group to inform Tesseract developments

Asolvi launches new customer focus group to inform Tesseract developments

Asolvi has created a product advisory board to discuss and elicit feedback on Tesseract, our longest-running service management solution. We intend to use this feedback to inform future software development.

The board is run by our client services manager, Anthony Daly, and includes key customers from a broad cross section of industries, including facilities management, vending and domestic shower products. Some of these customers have been using Tesseract for many years.

“As part of the Asolvi mission to keep finding better and better solutions for service providers, we’re planning to develop new functionality for the Tesseract system,” says Anthony Daly. “But before we do anything we want input from our customers. We want to know what’s working, what’s not, and how their needs could be better served. This is why we formed the product advisory board. It’s essentially a research tool for our developers.”

The board had its inaugural session earlier this month and it was a rousing success. The discussions focused on Tesseract’s Remote Engineer Access (REA), a mobility tool that helps engineers perform better and faster in the field. In development at Asolvi is a new mobility application that builds on the benefits of REA by streamlining communication between engineers, the system and the office even further. The first session of the product advisory board was to seek feedback on REA and on what features and benefits customers want to see from the new application. Anthony says, “The discussions provided fantastic food for thought for our developers and support teams.”

Further sessions of our product advisory board will look at other aspects of the Tesseract system and how they can be improved for current and future generations of field service providers.

“We’re really keen to make the Tesseract product as strong as it can possibly be,” says Anthony. “We’re looking at making a variety of real changes to how it looks, feels and performs and we want to make sure that our customers are involved throughout the process.”