Total management of multiple customer installations.

Customer AssetsCustomer Assets
Total control and management of customer asset data.

This primary component is designed to provide total control and management of Customer Asset data. This control covers multiple customer installation sites with both system and specific product configuration information.

  • Each product can also have a predefined feature list enabling the system to auto-generate this list with each installation.
  • Within each installation site the system tracks serialised installed equipment, handles both parts and labour warranty control and planned maintenance.
  • Any changes to installed customer asset or product movements are audited to provide a full machine history.
  • Standard reports included Equipment configuration by customer/site, out of warranty report and asset movement.

Within the Customer Assets component is also sophisticated Service Contract Administration program. Multiple contracts are available by customer with Service Level commitments maintained at both an asset and contract level. Also controlled at an equipment level are supplier service contracts together with their agreed service levels.

Call counting, special charges and cost of parts are also controlled at a contract level together with invoice cycle and period. Contract charges can be calculated on a product by product or resource basis.

Smooth invoice handling.

As with equipment control changes to any contract details are audited providing a complete contract history.

Periodic invoicing is controlled and updated by the system with the invoice address selectable between customer, site or contract. The invoice process also handles pro-rata billing as equipment is added to or removed from a contract during its invoice cycle.

Standard reporting includes Contract Renewal and Revision, Routine Maintenance, Contract Revenue, both forward and deferred and Contract Cost Analysis.

In addition to the Suite of standard reports, Crystal Reports provides a powerful end user tool to modify existing or add additional reports, as required.

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