Dynamic Optimisation Engine

Diary Assist
Service Centre 5.1 features Diary Assist, a Dynamic Optimisation Engine.

Developed specifically for service management by Tesseract this facility allows for both appointments and SLA driven jobs.

Customisable Optimisation

The Tesseract user has several options within the diary to selects a range of service calls to be optimised by Diary Assist, the service has been designed to handle both appointments and response driven service calls and attempts to calculate the most efficient/cost effective routes for these jobs, taking into account:

  • Employee skill sets
  • Employee availability
  • Employee shift patterns
  • Customer site cover times
  • Job appointment time
  • Call response time
  • Estimated work time
  • Travel time

Powerful Feature, Low Cost

Tesseract launched their call optimisation product, Diary Assist in 2013. This new product is being offered as a web service, so has no traditional software costs, and has a low cost SaaS pricing model. The service is hosted by Tesseract and can be accessed by users who have their system installed in-house as well as Tesseract SaaS customers.

Built in to SC5.1

This service is now available to all Tesseract users!

Great support. Free updates. One powerful application.

Tesseract SC5.1

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