Automated Email Service

email service
Tesseract email service, a flexible and powerful utility automates the sending and receiving of emails from the Tesseract Service management system.

Trigger an email

Any type of activity or event that takes place in Service Centre can trigger the email service, for example:

  • When calls are logged, sending email to customer with call #
  • When calls are closed, update customer with eamil.
  • sending the customer a quote via email.

Receive emails

Not only can the service send emails it can also receive emails with or with out attachments. Some of the benefits of being able to receive emails are:

  • customer logging new call via email.
  • updating the call and adding an attachment.
  • two way email dialog with the call control using the help desk function.


The information required which generates the emails are controlled via database triggers, these triggers are fully customisable to your requirements. When the email service is installed all that is required is a valid email address and details of your email server.

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