GPS Tracking with TomTom


Integrate with leading TomTom GPS tracking technology.

Tesseract’s Integration with TomTom GPS Tracking will provide you with the following benefits and more:

  • Smart and efficient tracking

View your vehicles / vehicle status in real time on street level maps and know their exact location. Identify where your vehicles are located against your planning and optimise your staff when new jobs are added to the workday.

  • State of the Art Navigation

Thanks to TomTom HD Traffic and IQ Routes technology, drivers can take the smartest routes to your customers reducing costs and fuel consumption.

  • Customer Service

By integrating TomTom with Tesseract Software, recorded times and distances to jobs are always very accurate. Varying updates for estimated time of arrivals can be monitored, resulting in improved customer service and SLA compliance.

  • Environmental Benefits

Eco-firendly fleet management results in reduce costs, using less fuel and therefore a reduced carbon footprint.

Duty of Care Compliance

The integration with TomTom Work make it easier to adhere to Lone Worker, Working Time Directive, Risk Management Legislation Overall, TomTom Work integration will provide you with a far more powerful service solution.

Realtime visibility

Optimise service levels by seeing your engineers locations in real-time. Map their position and deploy according to the very best geographical proximity.

HR benefits

Use GPS as a tool for risk management and in relation to the Working Time Directive.

Great support. Free updates. One powerful application.

Tesseract SC5.1

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