All invoices types plus accounts interfacing.

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Invoice from contract maintenance charges and billable calls.

Invoicing allows the user to produce user defined invoices or invoice data from seven different data sources.

Service Calls Invoicing is for processing all completed billable or time and material service calls. The user is prompted for multiple selections and FSR lines are updated as the invoice data is inserted in the invoice tables. Here the invoices can be printed or data output.

Current service contracts are also invoiced through this component. Again with the use of multiple selections the service contracts are updated and the invoice data is processed to the invoice tables ready for exporting or invoice printing.

Serialised Product Invoicing is designed to pick up all equipment that is added to a current contract. Within a user criteria the system will find all these items, calculate the pro rata rate and update the contract. As before invoice tables are updated ready for invoice printing/data export.

Processed Sales Orders are also invoiced by this component. The system handles both regular and contract controlled sales orders. The system updates sales order lines and adds processed data to invoice tables ready for invoicing or data extraction.

As with meter contracts meter billing handles three different types; usage, block and minimum. The system also offers the user a selection of reading types, requirements and date and contract range. During invoicing all selected contracts are processed and invoice tables updated.

Repair Job Invoicing processes all completed billable workshop Jobs. Multiple selection criteria are given to the user and Workshop Report lines are updated as the job is processed together with the invoice tables. PM Contract invoicing is the last invoice type. This checks a user defined selection of contracts for outstanding maintenance calls. The system will update the contract and invoice tables in the usual way.

Accounts Interface.

The Tesseract Accounts Interface allows data to be transferred to and from the Tesseract System. Data that can be read into the Tesseract system includes Customer details and Parts information.

Information exported from Tesseract to accounts include customer invoice details with parts used, parts requests and supplier invoice details.

All this information transfer will be handled in batch or real time mode according to the Tesseract and accounts database..

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