Multi-location inventory and stock control system.

Parts CentreParts Centre
Multi-location inventory and stock control system.

Parts Centre – this fully integrated service stock control system handles stock from warehouse to van through the complete stock, usage, repair cycle.

The component allows for stock to be either repairable or disposable. Repairable parts are flagged as bad when used and can then be tracked with an optional Serial Number.

All parts are tracked by Location or Site with a stock control record covering Max/Min reorder levels, parts allocated through parts requests or sales orders, actual stock quantity and parts needed when stock is not available. Serialised stock has additional information including actual price, PO number, warranty details and revision information.

For valuation, WAUP and Standard Costs are maintained along with up to six Sales prices for each Part Number. Alternative Parts, Parts by Product and Park Kit tables are available to ease management and administration of the Service Stock Control operation.

Parts Centre also includes Purchase Orders with preferred suppliers and parts super cession, Sales Orders enabling stock to be allocated, sold and optionally to be installed as a serialised product with all warranty details and Repair Orders where bad or broken stock can be shipped out to a third party for repair.

Fully documented control.

Parts Requests, another feature of the system, allows for documented control of internal Stock movements; Part Requests can also be linked to relevant Service Calls controlling allocation and shipping of existing Stock and recording Returns, where relevant.

Any part bought, sold, used, moved or changed will create a record in the parts movement Audit trail which can be viewed on screen with the audit trail browser. The system also feeds into invoicing from processed sales orders.

Standard reports include parts usage, picking lists, packing lists, Sales Order Print, Purchase Order print, Repair Order dispatch notes, stock valuation, excess stock and stock on hand. All the standard reports have been developed with crystal reports allowing for user customisation.

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