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Powerful sales enquiry and action follow-up system.

Prospect Centre is the Tesseract service management CRM module handling both new and known (customer) sales prospects. actions are logged against opportunities and a salesman’s ‘to-do’ list generated.

Prospect Centre, the Tesseract CRM module,  is a fully integrated sales enquiry and action follow up component giving full access to all sales actions.

Prospect Centre has been designed to allow for the registration of both new sales leads and existing customers allowing the user to monitor all sales activity in the system. This basic information is added to the database together with other relevant data like the sales source, sales value with hit rate, product required, sic code, expected close date, salesman and next action date. The system handles multiple opportunities against a single prospect and has an on-demand ‘Salesman to-do list’ feature that displays a chosen Salesman’s records in next action date order, ascending or descending, defaulting actions up to the present date with the option to change if required. As each action is completed, the user can add date/time stamped action notes with duration and subject and select a next action date in the future.

As more actions are added to each sales enquiry the action status allows the user to reflect the current sales position and a view of all the sales actions by sales lead will show the history of the sales enquiry.

The system is also linked to Quote Centre so quotes can be added to any opportunity at any time

Sales leads.

At any time a sales quotation can also be raised against a sales lead with options to print off standard or customised reports to provide a hard copy to the Prospect.

If successful the sales lead together with all the relevant information can be converted into a Sales Order if selling a product or a Service Call if selling services. Standard reports with this component include new leads in the last nn days, to do lists by salesman, sales prospects history and value and prospect history

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