Remote Engineer Access

Remote Engineer Access
Full information flow directly between engineers and Service Centre.

Remote Engineer Access provides the tools to achieve full information flow directly between the engineer and service centre whilst retaining central control.

  • View & update all allocated calls.
  • Complete control of van stock.
  • Signature capture.
  • Email job sheet to customer.

Tesseract Remote Engineer Access even allows the engineer to print a job sheet or email one in a pdf format directly to the Customer.

REA can run on most Smartphones, Tablets and Laptops in both online and offline modes.

More Control.

Once the engineer has logged in remotely he is allowed to handle several functions. These include viewing allocated calls for dispatch; call history for a site, customer or product; raising a parts request against a job; closing a completed job and adding all the service reports, validating times and codes and any parts used/replaced; checking on parts availability/price; enquiring on allocated call queue or location of other engineers.

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