Controlled job reporting for single or multiple workshops.

Repair CentreRepair Centre
Workshop System, part of the Tesseract Service Management System.

Repair Centre is the tesseract workshop system. It can be used both as standalone and in conjunction with call control. Service calls can, in fact, be logged on the system and moved to the workshop.

Using information from the Customer Assets component, Repair Centre allows the user to enter, update, complete and ship workshop jobs. Using the booking in wizard these jobs can be entered individually or in a batch with the system checking such detail warranty and contract status.

Each job is assigned a number, a job type and a flow code. The flow code allowing the user to predefine the route any job takes through the workshop. The system also allows for equipment, not previously recorded, to be entered as a job and this information added to the asset database as a serialised product.

While a job is in the workshop technical reports can be added indicating what has been done and by whom and what parts have been used. Any item in the workshop can also be upgraded whereby its product number is changed.

Once a job is complete it can be shipped out individually or in a batch. Replacement parts can also be shipped prior to receiving any part from the customer or before the job is complete.

Easy wizard for control.

The workshop-shipping wizard comfortably handles all the different shipping scenarios. A bar code scanner can also be used with both the booking-in and shipping-out wizards.

As with other components all part movements are recorded in the movement audit trail. This also includes new equipment added to the system through the workshop and Workshop upgrades.

Parts usage and labour feed through to allow billable jobs and parts usage. Standard reports include job sheet, shipping documents, workshop traffic details and turnaround times. All the standard reports have been developed with SSRS allowing for user customisation.

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