Our consultants use a process-driven project management methodology based on PRINCE2.

Service Centre 5.1 is a fully scalable service management system that can be implemented in environments from standalone small family run service business to large global Service operations, with hundreds of users. Because of this the Consultancy Tesseract offer is a  flexible approach to the implementation and every project is tailored to that specific Customer’s needs.


The starting point of any project is the creation of a detailed Statement of Work (SOW). This defines what the project must achieve and the milestones to be hit on the way. Generally the SOW is developed as collaboration between Tesseract Consultants and the Customer’s project team and forms a part of the contract for the Project and must be agreed by both parties before work commences. Our main objective is to approach any project in a manner that delivers the requirement of the Statement of Works (SOW) at minimum cost to the Customer by using the best resources and knowledge available within Tesseract and the Customer’s Project Teams.

A key part of an implementation project is data import from legacy systems.