Tesseract software development team based in the UK.

Tesseract software development team are based at their head office in High Wycombe.  Their primary functions being to continually update the current version, work on development on the next release, resolve any customer issues and offer a bespoke service to customers requiring additional functionality

Adding additional functionality and updating the technology is mainly feed from customer requests, markets needs and prospect demands. The advantage of an in-house development team is that all of these feeds can come together in the form of a prototype that can be seen, discussed, amended and finally agreed.


Having development fully in-house also allows for close communications with the support department  to handle any customer issues, working together enabling them to respond quickly to any customer or market demands or treads.

However some customers do require additional functionality  to the existing product. In conjunction with a consultant the customers wishes are then given to development for a sense check and to quote for this additional functionality. After, maybe, further discussions the additions are agreed together with the cost and this development is then added to the schedule. Once added to the system the functionality is checked against the original specification and delivered to the customer. The documentation is then added and the additional fully supported in future releases.