Smart phone, IPad, Android and more.

It’s refreshing to know that you can choose almost any smart phone or any of the modern hand held devices with a modern browser to use Service Centre Communication from your engineers to their head office where ever they are, storing data off-line that is sent as soon internet connection is regained.

Using Tablet

Remote Engineer Access.

Service engineers and administrators can access Tesseract Service Centre from a wide range of equipment via the internet. This offers the most flexible working options for all users.

Data from your exiting systems.

Optimise service levels by seeing your engineers locations in real-time. Map their position and deploy according to the very best geographical proximity.

Off-line processing

Service Centre now incorporates the facility to allow off-line usage. This means that both the PDA and Laptop versions can store data locally and transfer or Sync the data when a signal available, all completely transparent to the user. All of the data to and from the field user is via a staging database that is updated real time and monitored by the call desk giving greater control and visibility.