At Tesseract we recognise that in order for our customers to concentrate on their core-business issues, we need to provide quality software support services.

These services focus on technical and application support , installations, upgrades, data migrations, data imports along with maintaining the Software as a Service hosting environment. See our support services pricelist in the following link: Support Services Pricelist 2017

We are committed to achieving the highest levels of customer satisfaction and aim to provide:

  • Rapid response to high impact problems
  • Timely response to problem resolution
  • High quality fixes and information
  • Up-to-date service and installation information.

When a call is logged with our support department, our help desk staff will seek to gain as much information as possible about the issue.  An email with full details of the call including Problem/Question description, Call Priority will be sent back to the contact at the organisation logging the call.   All calls logged with Tesseract Support are placed in a call queue in response time order; the response time is calculated by the priority of the call.  Priority 1 calls are responded to almost immediately and are generally fixed within the hour.

Customer Support

Customer Portal

Tesseract Support has developed a web based portal which has a wealth of information and tools contained to will help find the information they require including:

  • Fully documented User Reference Guides detailing all features of Service Centre, which are segmented into easy to navigate sub modules.
  • Customer Forum, where customers can ask each other questions, this is a good place to look to see if your query has already been answered before contacting the Help Desk.
  • Links to a website where customers can log their own calls on our Call Logging System.
  • Facility to book Training Courses.
  • View training videos on specific areas of the system.
  • Facility to request for remote assistance where Tesseract support staff can access your Servers, PC, or PDA via the internet.