Web Services and API give instantaneous cross-system data entry.

Tesseract’s web services and API allows information to be transferred electronically to and from the Tesseract Service Management System to any third party software product.

Web Services allow customers to control our system remotely across the internet, all application functions can be performed or accessed using our selection of web services.

Tesseract’s Application Program Interface allows our current customers and potential customers to develop their own solutions, design their own interface to use Tesseract’s Service Centre functions, therefore giving our customers complete control.

  • A customer of yours has their own Help Desk but can send you service calls electronically.
  • Tesseract’s API can handle this and return call status.
  • You receive email requests for service – Tesseract API can handle this and send back an email update.
  • Meter readings arrive electronically – Tesseract API handles this and updates for invoicing.
  • Customer assets and contracts are received electronically – Tesseract API will process all of this data.

Web services and API

No more double entry of data.

The time saving implications of entering data once that is then placed instantaneously in your chosen linked applications is an obvious benefit.

Flexible data choice

You choose which data to pull from your systems to Service Centre and vice-versa.
Data from, stock systems, accounting systems, call and help desk systems, specialised meter reading applications, GPS tracking solutions – ERP solutions including JD Edwards, SAP, SAGE, and Microsoft can be moved instantaneously into Service Centre.

Seamless integration enables Tesseract’s system to run as one with products like Tom Tom and Tesseracts own Diary Assist.


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