Tesseract Software Reviews

Just some of the positive testimonials that our clients have shared with use.

“The Tesseract system is not the only computerised service management system we have in place but it is the hub of all our systems. We call it the ‘Alpha’. Tesseract’s service management software has now been a part of Artic for so long that Tesseract refer their new clients to Artic so they can see the entire system at work. We will happily give them a demonstration. Show them why Tesseract are such an invaluable aid to any service company’s operations.”
Donna Peacock, Artic Building Services
“We looked at Tesseract in operation at other companies. It just seemed to do everything, from servicing and scheduling to parts ordering, stock control and invoicing, and it seemed to handle parts and stock a lot better than other systems we looked at. It was also much more user-friendly than our old system, and the fact that it really worked for a number of similar companies to ours led us to make the decision to go with them.”
Neill Pearson, Servequip
“The good thing about Tesseract is their enthusiasm for customisation, They are developing a feature specifically for us because they are persistent in wanting to improve and expand what they offer.Tesseract’s SC5.1 went live at Severn Trent Services on December 1st 2014 and already Severn Trent have seen a massive saving in office time. Efficiency has improved enormously thanks to REA has made customer contracts and invoicing more effective and timely.”
Jack Fleet, Severn Trent Water
“Tesseract were the best fit. We operate slightly differently from other service companies, and Tesseract were willing to accommodate that and offer a tailored approach to our needs.”
“We can now be more reactive to problems, the accuracy and visibility of the system also means our engineers do a better job, and do it quicker. Adding it all up, it means Talarius is able to offer a better, more efficient service to its customers.”
Paul Monkman, Talarius